“This is probably the largest business delegation ever to visit Sweden from Bosnia Herzegovina” said Ms Maria Åsenius, State Secretary for EU when she addressed the audience last week. An audience with a mix of Bosnian company representatives who were here to find business partners among their Swedish counterparts and vice versa.

But Ms Åsenius also had a message from the Swedish government to Bosnia Herzegovina: “Move on with reforms”, she said, “otherwise there is a clear risk that Bosnia will fall behind in the EU integration. And foreign investments is increasing as a country comes closer to the EU”.

Good reasons to invest

Ms Slavica Korica, Executive Director of Bosnia´s Foreign Investments Promotional Agency, then did her best to prove that Bosnia Herzegovina is a great place to invest in. And there is no doubt that the country has come a long way in stabilizing the economy, as could be seen from Ms Korica´s presentation:

The most stable currency in SEE (1KM =0.51 EUR)

The lowest inflation in SEE

“B2” credit rating with the stable outlook by Moody’s Agency

Foreign ownership in private banking sector in BiH is 86%

Mr Enes Aliskovic, Director at Bosnia´s Export Promotion Agency then went on by presenting the business environment and the legislation framework for doing business in B&H and the prospects for cooperation between our two countries.

Four business sectors

Mr Henrik Winterstam of the Swedish Trade Council informed the audience about the four most interesting business sectors in Bosnia according to the STC research.

– IT and broadband

– Construction

– Environmental and energy efficiency

– Heatings, cooling, ventilation

Open Trade Gate – a help to export to Sweden

Mr Martin Fröberg from NBT, National Board of Trade, talked about Open Trade Gate, a Swedish programme for helping some countries to export to Sweden. The programme consists of information, seminars and identification of trade barriers and all services are free to certain exporting countries/companies and financed by the Swedish government.