Welcome to a new year with the Chamber of Commerce for
Sweden – Southeast Europe. Last year we
were involved in many activities related to our core values, ie to boost
business between Sweden and the SEE countries. We are cooperating with many
organisations around the region such as embassies and local chambers of
commerce and have also been instrumental in organising various business
activities. Business and trade, however, are not the only areas where we are
active. We are also involving ourselves in charity in the region, recently a
donation to a school in Mostar BiH.

The annual meeting was held in November last year, when Peter Åström, KTH (The Royal Institute of
Technology), was elected to the board.
Peter has a long experience of working for KTH in international missions in many
parts of Eastern Europe as well as other parts of the world. Peter is also
involved in the international organisation SFMT (Swedish association for
materiel technology)and the Axel Hultgren foundation for scholarships. Previous
board members were reelected and are presented here.

The minutes of the annual meeting can be accessed by members
The activity report here.
The income statement here and the Auditor´s report here.

In a few days our current members will receive the invoice
for the 2014 membership fee followed by new passwords for members-only
information. Those who are not already
members can join by sending an email to info@sweden-southeasteurope.se
telling us about your interest. We will then send you the account details.

The annual meeting decided that the 2014 membership fee will
remain on the same low level as previously:
Company membership: SEK 900 or EUR 105
Individual membership: SEK 300 or EUR 35

We wish our old and new members a fruitful and prosperous
year 2014.

Martin Ancons