Remember that great scene from the movie
Crocodile Dundee when some inept mugger tries to pull a knife on the outback
hero in New York? “That’s not a knife. That’s a knife.” It might just be the most quoted movie line from
the 1980s.

In Forbes magazine they apply that movie line to
the economic comparison of Hungary’s recovery relative to Spain’s as quoted by
Renaissance Capital saying, ”Spain is getting a fair amount of positive press
for its revival despite somewhat moribund numbers; Hungary’s, is on a whole
other scale. That’s not a recovery. That’s a recovery”.

The discussion, implying a Hungarian Crocodile
Dundee effect, can be read in detail here. It should, however, be compared to
what the Hungarian´s own economic research institute GKI is saying about the
economic situation and outlook. And as Renaissance Capital also is quoted to say in the Forbes article: “It may be as difficult to profit from Hungary’s recovery, as it was to profit from mugging an Australian tourist in New York in 1986.”
Anyone with a comment on that?