The members of the board of the Chamber of Commerce for
Sweden – Southeast Europe recently met with Ambassadors and Commercial Attachés
from nine countries in the region. The meeting was arranged on the initiative
of the Bulgarian Ambassador, H.E. Mr Svetlan
and took place in the Bulgarian embassy in Stockholm.

Nine embassies were represented at the meeting, either by
the Ambassador or the Commercial Attaché or both. Martin Ancons, Chairman of
the Chamber, and Roger Hellqvist made a presentation of the Chamber, how it
works and what it can do for the countries in the SEE region. Mr Ancons
emphasized that the Chamber is working bilaterally
with the goal to promote trade in both
directions. Göran Uvner gave then a presentation of the Chamber´s media
platform with the news site and web forum and welcomed the Commercial Attachés
to use those tools for communicating information from their respective

The Bulgarian and Romanian Ambassadors concluded by saying
that they have a very good experience of the cooperation with and assistance
from representatives of the Chamber of Commerce and all agreed about the
importance of continuous contact between the Chamber and the embassies.

Photos below by Göran Uvner

1. The Bulgarian Ambassador H.E. Mr Stoev
(right) welcoming his colleagues from other SEE embassies and representatives
from the Chamber of Commerce to the meeting.

2. Tibor Szilagyi and Roger Hellqvist from the Chamber of
Commerce having a pleasant conversation with the Bulgarian Commercial Attaché, Mrs
Galateya Kolikova. In the background the Chairman of the Chamber, Mr Ancons, in
conversation with Kosovo´s Commercial Attaché, Mr Jashari.

3. Part of the audience with the Bulgarian, Romanian and
Moldovan Ambassadors in the front row (from left).