We are all devastated by the disaster that the floodings have caused in a
large part of the Balkans. For us not living in the area it is hard to
comprehence the suffering people have to go through, not only these days but
for a long time to come. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
estimates the damage caused by the floods in Serbia at up to 2 billion euros, or 7 percent of national output. In Bosnia,
the bank estimated the damage at 1.3 billion euros or 10 percent of output.

It took some time before Sweden and other countries reacted and started to
send aid and money, as there was an obvious focus on another catastrophy
more east of Balkan. But now the aid has become organized, funds have been
raised and organizations like the Red Cross have open accounts aimed
particularly towards helping the flooded parts of the Balkans. And of course we
in the Chamber of Commerce for Sweden and Southeast Europe are giving our
contributions as well. Last week the Board of Directors decided to begin our
support by sending SEK 5000 to the Red Cross fund for the victims of the
floodings and we also took the following decision for the continuation of our

All membership fees paid during June and July this year will be forwarded
directly and in total to the Red Cross, earmarked for the Balkans.

So please do not wait. Pay your membership now and make a contribution to
the victims of the flooding at the same time.

And of course all of you who already paid your annual fee are also most
welcome to make a contribution of any kind. All contributors will be listed in
our website during the autumn.

Here is what you need to know to pay the membership fee and to make the

Company membership fee: 900 SEK or 105 EUR
Personal membership fee: 300 SEK or 35 EUR

Swedish companies or individuals pay to Bankgiro number 884-4599

Non Swedish companies or individuals pay to
IBAN Nr: SE 27 6000 0000 0006 6719 8938.
Beneficiary:The Chambers of Commerce for Sweden – Southeast Europe
Note ”Balkan aid” on the payment and also send an email with your
membership details to info@sweden-southeasteurope.se

Welcome as a member who cares!
The Board of Directors
Chamber of Commerce
Sweden – Southeast Europe