We would like to inform You about the Global Entrepreneurship Congress,
which will be held in Croatia in Zagreb, Dubrovnik and Split from September 22
– 26, 2014.

the past six years, the Global Entrepreneurial Congress (GEC) has evolved into
a premier annual gathering of startup champions from 153 nations dedicated to
building and strengthening entrepreneurial ecosystems that fuel advances in
innovation and economic growth. During the GEC, entrepreneurs, investors,
researchers, thought leaders and policymakers work together to help new firms
start and scale. It is the part of global campaign GEW, www.gew.co

The goal
of GEC2 is to provide a framework for thinking and acting. GEC2 has emerged to
fill a need for more in-depth collaboration. It is the first in a series of
deep-dives into specific topics, ‘The Entrepreneurial Mindset’. The main goals
of this event is:

Examine the best in terms of formal curriculum as well as more popular
experiential education programs for startups with focus on critical thinking
and problem solving skills

Recognize best examples of startup programs around the globe

Promote global sharing of innovative practices in empowering more citizens to
start thinking like entrepreneurs

Provide Global-wide networking opportunities for participants

2014 GEC2 is a joint effort by the GEW – an initiative of the Kauffman Foundation,
GEW Host Croatia, the Split City Government, Dubrovnik – Neretva County,
University MINERVA and the Croatia Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts.
Please visit the Congress website www.gec2.co. A preliminary programme can be downloaded here.
Are you a Swede interested in doing business with Southeast Europe? Or someone in that region having business relations with Sweden? Then you are very welcome to join our web forum here.