The Economic Counsellor during several
years in Romania´s Stockholm Embassy, Bogdan
, is about to leave his post for new challenges as Economic Counsellor
at the Romanian General Consulate in Barcelona.

At a reception in the Romanian embassy, our
member Inger Björklind Bengtsson, on
behalf of the Chamber of Commerce, presented Bogdan with a dedicated copy
of her recently published book, ”From Rune Stones to Radio Waves – How a
Viking Village became Sweden´s Silicon Valley”
(see picture). The book
describes how Kista – a suburb just north of Stockholm – over the centuries
developed from a large Viking settlement into the birthplace of modern
telecommunication. Maybe the book can be an inspiration to Bogdan as he now
proceeds to conquer a new market, although on a friendlier note than our Nordic
ancestors did.
(However, Spain might not be a very good example of the Vikings´ success, as
they never got a real foothold there and were rather early thrown out of the
Iberian peninsula. Hope you will be more successful in the region Bogdan 🙂

Sad to see Bogdan go, all of us in the
Chamber of Commerce would like to express our warmest gratitude to Bogdan for the close cooperation
and all the support he and the embassy always have shown our organisation. We
wish you lots of success on your new post!
We will return later with a presentation of Bogdan Bădescu´s successor.