One of the few cities in Southeast Europe with an underground transport system is Sofia in Bulgaria. Since a few years the implementation of a large-scale Extension Project has started with help of funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and Cohesion Fund (CF) of the European Union with local co-financing.

In the beginning of December, the Chamber of Commerce Sweden – Southeast Europe arranged a study visit for a team from Sofia Metro to MTR Stockholm, since 2009 operator of the Stockholm metro transport system.

The team from the Sofia Metro was led by the Director General, prof Dr Stoyan Bratoev. During the visit Dr Bratoev and his team were visiting one of the traffic control centers in Stockholm and given presentations by directors at MTR. One point of interest was a visit to a station in the northwestern suburbs where MTR is testing out different types of automatic platform screen doors, which can substantially reduce the risk for accidents.

The Stockholm metro transport system is the 6th largest in Europe, with a track length of 108 km. MTR Stockholm is a subsidiary of MTR Europe in London, part of the Hongkong based MTR Corp. MTR Stockholm was awarded the Swedish Quality Award 2014 for outstanding quality performance. The award will be presented to MTR by HM the King of Sweden in February 2015.

Pictures below:
1. Dr Bratoev (left) in one of the Stockholm metro traffic control centers at Gullmarsplan station.

2. Dr Bratoev discussing platform screen doors with MTR area director Dag Lokrantz-Berentz at Åkeshov metro station.
Photos by Göran Uvner