Last week, Croatia´s
newly appointed ambassador to Sweden, H.E. Ms Anica Djamic, visited homes for the elderly in the Swedish
municipality of Enköping some 80 km
NW of Stockholm. The purpose of this visit was to gain inspiration and take
back to Croatia some ideas about how the Swedes care for their elderly citizens.

The visit
was arranged by the Chamber of Commerce
Sweden – Southeast Europe
together with the municipality of Enköping, which
is a frontrunner in the field of elderly care.

Ms Djamic
visited several homes and facilities for the elderly in Enköping and was truly
impressed to see the high standard of the Swedish care system. ”In Croatia you
are not free to choose your care when
you get old”, Ms Djamic said. ”However, we should not copy everything here, but
develop our own system based on ideas from the Swedish system. Money is not the only aspect, it
is just as important to learn how the system can be improved.”
(This is a brief translation of an article in
the local newspaper Enköpings Posten)

Shown from
left to right in the picture below:
Martin Ancons, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce who initiated the visit, Ms
Zonica Kovacec, volunteer, Ms Marie Palmgren, head of Healthcare in Enköping
municipality, and the Ambassador, Ms Djamic (photo by Linda Lundberg, Enköpings Posten).