Russian and US interests might clash in the pending privatisation of Telekom Srbija as bidders from both countries are expected to step forward for the auction later this year, daily Blic reported on February 25, quoting unnamed sources. “Blic” continues by saying that one of the biggest Russian companies wants to buy Serbian Telekom. This decision is not just economical, but also strategical.
On the other hand, Americans will not be standing on the side. They are already preparing counter-offer as an answer to Russian attempt of taking over the largest telecommunications company in Serbia.
“Blic” didn’t find out which Russian company sent an offer for “Telekom”, but there are several names. First of all is of course, “Gazprom telecom”, which tried in 2012. to enter this region through Slovenia. There is also Miloš Fridman, one of the wealthiest Russians in the world, and his partner Mehmet Karamehmet. They are the owners of “Alfa” and “System holding”, companies with the majority in Russian telecommunications company – MTS.
Russians think that buying “Telekom” is the best way for them to form a good strategic position in Serbia and western Balkans. Moscow is affraid that Serbia is turning towards the West. Meeting between Aleksandar Vučić and Joe Biden was understood as a sign of “USA taking over Serbia”. That’s why “Russia today” openly criticized Prime Minister Vučić for almost two days, especially his statement in which he said that “Serbia considers alternative ways for gas supplying”.
John Kerry, United States Secretary of State, said that “Serbia is on line of fire between Russia and the USA”.

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