Macedonia’s foreign
tourist arrivals rise 23% y/y in September

November 12, 2015, 4:28pm GMT

The number of foreign tourists visiting Macedonia
increased 22.9% y/y to 60,461 in September, accelerating from a 20.8% y/y
growth in August, data from the statistics office showed. Most tourists came
from Turkey (11,660), the Netherlands (6,096), Serbia (4,744), and Poland

The number of foreign tourist overnights grew 24.3%
y/y to 131,864 in September, and stays of domestic tourists increased 3.8% y/y
to 52,398. The total number of overnights thus rose 17.7% y/y to 184,262.

In January-September, the total number of tourists
climbed 11.2% y/y to 672,286, and their overnight stays went up 9.1% y/y to
2.08mn. The number of foreign tourists rose 15.4% y/y to 396,371, and their
overnights grew 13.4% y/y to 860,057.

Source: Bne