Swedish telecom architect Netonomics
introducing their advanced method of optimising 4G and 5G networks at Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona. The method combines
optimization of Cloud RAN pooling and new physical transmission links when
connecting access nodes into Cloud RAN.

The Netonomics method of pooling radio
access nodes into Base Band Hotels, and optimal placement of the BBH within
each pool provides maximum capacity within latency limits. Radio performance is
enhanced and transmission resilience secured by choosing the most efficient new
link for new CRAN nodes. All optimized for best resource utilization.

“Our research based method takes all
technical and practical design criteria into account to simultaneously reach
the lowest possible cost. It makes a great financial difference for the
operators”, says André Grce (pictured below), CEO and founder of
Netonomics AB. “Our team of designers have a thorough background in network
design as well as advanced mathematics, and our results have been verified by
major telecom vendors”.

More information in Netonomics´ stand in the
Swedish Pavillion, Hall 7, E41.

Website: www.netonomics.se