Ćevapčići and
ajvar are two examples of Balkan specialties that more or less have become part
of the global cuisine, but the Balkans has so much more to offer.

In this book the food, culture and people of the Balkans are presented by an
author who has both his heart and his roots in an exciting part of Europe. Jovan Radomir was born in
the Balkans, grew up in the Swedish city of Katrineholm and spent his summer
vacations in the countryside of his birthplace Srbac in former Yugoslavia.

In this
Jovan will
teach you his secret family recipes for ajvar and stuffed peppers and show you
classical recipes for grilled meat, pasteries, bread and top it all off with
the fancy gourmet dinner that Jovan made for a gala banquet at the venerable
Grand Hôtel in Stockholm.

You will also discover Belgrade, the beauty of the majestic river Danube, the
long tradition of winemaking, the widespread Kafana culture, the mentality of
the Balkan people – all the things that make the Balkans such an enticing mix
of food, culture and people. Prijatno! Bon appétit!

Jovan Radomir is a Swedish TV personality working for SVT, the Swedish
Broadcasting Company
My Balkan Food & people is his first
cookbook and a bestseller in Scandinavia. The book is also published in
You will find more information about Jovan and his book and can order it here.