Göran Uvner, Roger Hellqvist and Avni Dervishi represented the Chamber of Commerce Sweden – Southeast Europe yesterday at a debate in Stockholm on the
EU-integration of the Western Balkans with several Foreign Ministers from the
region. There was a clear impatience among the ministers with EUs handling and
delay of the integration process in spite of, as they see it, that they have
achieved most of the goals EU set up. The response from the Swedish foreign
minister and other EU representatives was that, even if the Union sees the integration
of this region as very important, it has right now other internal problems (ie
Brexit etc) to deal with. They also don´t want to ”import conflicts” like for
instance the one between Kosovo and Serbia, which has to be solved before full
integration. One had a feeling that these ”excuses” were not very well received
among the region´s representatives.

The Chamber of Commerce
for Sweden – Southeast Europe offers a great opportunity for the countries in
Western Balkans to building bonds between Sweden (read: EU) based on business
relations. Companies in both the region and Sweden are welcome to contact the
Chamber of Commerce for assistance with building contacts. Just write an email
to info@sweden-southeasteurope.se
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