In Koprivnica in Croatia they have found way on how to connect ICT technology, solarenergy and wastemanagement in a bid to improve the waste management collection.

When you have a problem and not have been up to date with the new technology, it sometimes means that you can leapfrog many steps in the development. When SMS technology emerged in the late 1990:th it was the countries in the former eastern block with the Baltic States (Estonia mainly) but also other countries in Central Europe that developed new services. As the number of cars increased and parking problem became an issue, they developed SMS solutions to pay for the parking fees, instead of installing old technology parking machines where you could pay with creditcards (the new invention in Western Europe). I made my first SMS parking i Zagreb 2001, when I returned to Sweden 2008 i could not do it!

Here is maybe another way to leapfrog management of waste bins?

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