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to the news site of the Chamber of Commerce for Sweden - Southeast Europe in cooperation with Business Sweden and Governments and Organisations in SEE.

We moved our news to twitter

Information from the Board Posted on Sun, October 09, 2016 19:52:03

We have moved the daily news from and about Southeast Europe to twitter which we are updating frequently and this site will be closed within short. So if you are looking for the latest updates on what´s going on in our region, particularly in relation with Sweden, then you are very welcome to follow us on twitter. Just click here to come to our twitter account.

Let´s introduce ourselves

Information from the Board Posted on Sun, January 11, 2015 13:41:35

If you ever wondered who the guys are running this Chamber of Commerce – well here we are. Some of us have been involved in the organisation for quite some time. Others are fairly new to it and bring in new and fresh ideas. And the newest one in the board is Lars Jakobsson, who you can see in the picture in a previous post here.
But none of us is new to working with and in Southeast Europe. Together we have something like 200 years of experience of export and import between Sweden and Southeast Europe, setting up and running companies, creating partnerships as well as outsourcing, financing and finding the right people for such activities.
Just so you know, in case you need help with anything.smiley
Any question or comment? Send it to either anyone of us individually (you find our email addresses here) or to our common email address

And welcome to join our Business Forum. You´ll find about 250 colleagues there from Sweden as well as the countries in Southeast Europe. All with a mutual interest of doing business between our two regions. Just click here.
Very welcome!

Wishing you Happy Holidays and a prosperous new year

Information from the Board Posted on Wed, December 24, 2014 11:08:41

First of
all we would like to thank all our members and friends for the past year and
particularly those of you who duly paid the membership fee, which has meant that our
Chamber of Commerce has had the possibility to contribute with aid to the
victims of the terrible floods in the Balkans last spring.

During the
annual meeting we recently were having at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) for
the previous year 2013, the chairman
presented an impressing list of activities that the Chamber of Commerce has
performed during that year. The next annual meeting is planned to take place early 2015, reporting for the year 2014.

During the
annual meeting, a new board member was elected, Lars Jakobsson (see photo). Lars
has a substantial financial background on his CV and, among other positions,
has held the one as CFO at Ericsson Nikola Tesla in Zagreb for many years.

Within short,
those of you who are paying members in the Chamber of Commerce Sweden –
Southeast Europe will find more info in our website, ie MoM, activity report,
member list etc. Until then, once again
we wish you a relaxing holiday and a fruitful 2015.
From the Directors of the Board
The Chamber of Commerce
Sweden – Southeast Europe

Welcome to the Board: Lars Jakobsson (pictured below)

Follow our news on Twitter

Information from the Board Posted on Thu, July 03, 2014 20:54:57

During the summer we make a break here on our news site. However, you can still get the latest news and information about what is going on in Southeast Europe by following our Twitter channel here.

New Year – New Challenges – But the Membership Fee remains the same

Information from the Board Posted on Mon, January 20, 2014 18:44:24

Welcome to a new year with the Chamber of Commerce for
Sweden – Southeast Europe. Last year we
were involved in many activities related to our core values, ie to boost
business between Sweden and the SEE countries. We are cooperating with many
organisations around the region such as embassies and local chambers of
commerce and have also been instrumental in organising various business
activities. Business and trade, however, are not the only areas where we are
active. We are also involving ourselves in charity in the region, recently a
donation to a school in Mostar BiH.

The annual meeting was held in November last year, when Peter Åström, KTH (The Royal Institute of
Technology), was elected to the board.
Peter has a long experience of working for KTH in international missions in many
parts of Eastern Europe as well as other parts of the world. Peter is also
involved in the international organisation SFMT (Swedish association for
materiel technology)and the Axel Hultgren foundation for scholarships. Previous
board members were reelected and are presented here.

The minutes of the annual meeting can be accessed by members
The activity report here.
The income statement here and the Auditor´s report here.

In a few days our current members will receive the invoice
for the 2014 membership fee followed by new passwords for members-only
information. Those who are not already
members can join by sending an email to
telling us about your interest. We will then send you the account details.

The annual meeting decided that the 2014 membership fee will
remain on the same low level as previously:
Company membership: SEK 900 or EUR 105
Individual membership: SEK 300 or EUR 35

We wish our old and new members a fruitful and prosperous
year 2014.

Martin Ancons

Join Raiffeisen this Christmas with a donation to the charity foundation for vulnerable children and women in CEE!

Information from the Board Posted on Mon, December 23, 2013 11:45:40

Raiffeisen Bank International is active all over
the CEE region. The former CEO, Herbert Stepic, has founded an association with
the aim of helping people to help themselves. With the voluntary commitment of
the employees, 27 projects have been implemented successfully, focusing on vulnerable
children, adolescents and women.
All raised money
goes directly to the projects! The H.Stepic Charity has
no administrative expenses.
The board of the
Chamber of Commerce Sweden – Southeast Europe joins Lars Bergström, Head of the Raiffeisen Nordic Representative Office asking our members for a donation to their charity foundation. Make the contribution here.

Carl Bildt does it…

Information from the Board Posted on Mon, September 30, 2013 21:50:27

…as well as many other politicians and industrialists in Sweden and the countries in Southeast Europe.
They follow us on twitter.
Why don´t you do that as well?
Just click here.

Glad Midsommar!

Information from the Board Posted on Fri, June 21, 2013 09:08:38

This is what we say to each other today in Sweden. Before we start partying and let our wits and all the Swedish correctness go up in smoke and celebrate that it’s the longest day up here in the cold North ( which by definition means that the days hereafter are getting shorter and we are quickly heading towards the cold and dark winter 🙁

We raise maypoles all over the country and dance the frog dance and other exotic tribe dances, which make the tourists raise an eyebrow or two. So here´s a tutorial to all of you who will be living through a swedish Midsummer for the first time and to the rest of you who just missed it – so you’ll know what you just missed.

Glad Midsommar wherever you are!

Our forum is growing fast. Welcome to join!

Information from the Board Posted on Sat, April 27, 2013 13:20:44

Our forum in Linkedin is steadily growing, quickly approaching 100 members, attracting new every day. We have now many members from companies, organisations and embassies in Sweden as well as the Balkan countries.
If you are a person with a strong interest to build business and/or cultural relations between our two regions, then you are most welcome to join. You do that by clicking here.

Our Business Forum now open for members

Information from the Board Posted on Sun, April 07, 2013 21:58:41

Welcome to apply for participation in our new Business Forum which is linked to the Chamber of Commerce Sweden – Southeast Europe.

The main scope of the forum is to serve as a discussion and information platform between professionals with a particular interest in doing business between Sweden and the countries in Southeast Europe. It is a closed Forum with participation on invitation only. However, you are very welcome as a member if your scope of interest matches ours. Then just click here and then on the “join” button.

Members of the group can share and discuss anything in the Forum that is relevant to our scope.

Get our news on your mobile phone with Twitter

Information from the Board Posted on Wed, March 23, 2011 23:08:40

Get news fast and easy on your mobile phone from all our region. Just follow southeasteurope on Twitter and get a short version with links to more information. Except our own news we will also retweet interesting information and gossip from others sources about what´s happening in the region.
You can also get our tweets by clicking here.

Welcome to the news site of the Chamber of Commerce for Sweden – Southeast Europe

Information from the Board Posted on Sun, June 14, 2009 14:12:25

Welcome to the news site of the Chamber of Commerce Sweden – Southeast Europe (Handelskammaren för Sverige – Sydosteuropa) in cooperation with Business Sweden and Governments and Organisations in Southeast Europe.

The main goals of this Chamber are to promote trade between Sweden and the countries in Southeast Europe and to work as a forum for exchange of ideas and experiences between enterprises, organisations and authorities.

Besides Sweden, the Chamber currently covers the following countries:

Albania – Bosnia Hercegovina – Bulgaria – Croatia – Hungary – Kosovo – Macedonia – Moldova – Montenegro – Romania – Serbia – Slovenia.

If you are not yet a member, but would like to become one, you are very welcome to send your application to Then you will not only be guaranteed unlimited access to this news site but also receive invitations to meetings and other events related to the region.

The news entries are open for comments from all members and you are also very welcome to send news and ideas for publishing to

Best regards
The Board of Directors

The members of the Board are introduced here.