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100 kr i rabatt på årets outsourcing event till Handelskammarens medlemmar

Outsourcing Posted on Sat, November 22, 2014 22:23:54

Dagen för årets stora händelse inom IT/Media Outsourcing är snart här – närmare bestämt på fredag den 28 november och platsen är det anrika Kungl Myntkabinettet. Det är då svenska företag har ett unikt tillfälle att möta kollegor och expertis från länderna i Sydosteuropa och få hjälp med programutveckling och IT-projekt. Och det till helt andra kostnader än vad vi är vana vid på våra breddgrader.

Årets Outsource event är det andra arrangerat av SEEBA (South Eastern European Business Agency). Förra året i Kista Science City samlades ett stort antal deltagare från såväl Sverige som Sydosteuropa och många nya spännande kontakter knöts. Förutom representanter från ett flertal IT-företag från Sydosteuropa får deltagarna på Myntkabinettet dessutom träffa 2013 års Företagare i Sverige Hamdija Jusufagic, CEO för System Verification AB, Sveriges ledande företag inom kvalitetssäkring av IT-system. Hamdija har nyligen startat ett dotterbolag till System Verification i Sarajevo och har mängder med erfarenheter att dela med sig av till oss andra på seminariet. Hela seminarieprogrammet ser du här.

SEEBA har vänligen lovat Handelskammarens medlemmar 100 kr rabatt (nära 30 %) på biljetterna den här veckan. Så vänta inte på att det blir fullbokat utan gå in och registrera dig på Ange rabattkod ”Special”

Du kan se ett kort videoreportage från förra årets seminarium här. Väl mött på årets Outsourcing event Outsource2EU 2014 på fredag.
Bilden: Invigningstalaren på Outsource eventet, Hamdija Jusufagic, CEO för System Verification AB och utnämnd till Årets Företagare i Sverige 2013.

Outsourcing Success

Outsourcing Posted on Sun, November 24, 2013 23:17:20

”A great success. You must do this again! A really cool
These were just some of the positive remarks that were heard during the
IT/Media event Outsourcing to Europe in Stockholm/Kista last week. And there is
no doubt that many participants returned home with a lot of new contacts as
well as interesting experiences in their luggage.

We heard impressing presentations by IT specialists from
practically every country and corner of Southeast Europe and listened to
Swedish IT managers praising the competence and the enthusiasm of the top
talents they have teamed up with in the region.

According to one of the speakers, Kristofer von Beetzen, vice
president of Verisec AB, a Swedish IT security company that provides
innovative security solutions for banking, government and businesses worldwide, they have a lot to thank their Serbian partner for, who came up with critical
solutions for their UK municipality customers in a very short time.

The organizers, Event manager Danijela Hagblom and CEO of
SEEBA Adnan Berberovic (pictured below at
the event) had all reasons to be pleased with the outcome of this, the largest
outsourcing event ever in Sweden, and I beleive the odds are pretty good that
this was only the first in a continuous series of similar events in the future.
More pictures can be seen in the
outsource2eu facebook site
and this video clip of the closing remark by Mr Andrija Bednarik, CEO of the Serbian Business Angels Network.

In the Chamber of Commerce Sweden – Southeast Europe we are
extremely proud to have been supporting SEEBA for this event from the very
If you, who are reading this, also are involved in business or cultural exchange between Sweden and Southeast
Europe, then you are very welcome to join
our webforum. Just click here and on the JOIN button or send us an email to

The SEE Region – A Gem for Outsourcing

Outsourcing Posted on Wed, November 13, 2013 20:52:20

The SEE region has become an incredibly successful outsourcing destination given the fact that it offers lower costs and yet quality of service unparalleled by any of the other countries (India, The Philippines, China etc.) known as outsourcing hubs. Another thing is the qualified workforce that has both the IT skills and the language proficiencies needed for delivering an exceptional service with superior quality. Many countries in CEE have already established themselves as quite mature markets for the outsourcing industry.
The economy of the region would definitely benefit, if the governments focused on outsourcing as a development strategy and make it a priority for their cabinets. The many different types of outsourcing are widely applicable in the countries from the SEE region, making the region a best-shore and near-shore location for potential foreign investors.
Read the full article by Andrey Petrov of Hewlett Packard, Bulgaria here.

And don´t forget to register at the big SEE Outsourcing event in Stockholm on November 21. Do it HERE – and do it NOW!

Why more businesses are nearshoring to Eastern Europe

Outsourcing Posted on Wed, October 09, 2013 10:41:54

High skilled labour, Cultural similarities, Time zones, Data protection and Growing labour market are five main reasons why your IT company should consider outsourcing to Eastern Europe, says Danijela Hagblom, project manager for the outsourcing event to be held in Stockholm/Kista on November 21st. Called Outsource2Europe, it will be the first major outsourcing event ever in Scandinavia covering a whole European region, Southeast Europe.
Go to for more information and to register.
And if you are still not convinced why you should attend this state of the art event, then look up these articles in Computer Sweden and Computer Weekly and read why companies in Sweden and elsewhere are outsourcing their IT projects to Eastern Europe.