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Clever Waste management

Croatia Posted on Wed, January 13, 2016 15:26:36

In Koprivnica in Croatia they have found way on how to connect ICT technology, solarenergy and wastemanagement in a bid to improve the waste management collection.

When you have a problem and not have been up to date with the new technology, it sometimes means that you can leapfrog many steps in the development. When SMS technology emerged in the late 1990:th it was the countries in the former eastern block with the Baltic States (Estonia mainly) but also other countries in Central Europe that developed new services. As the number of cars increased and parking problem became an issue, they developed SMS solutions to pay for the parking fees, instead of installing old technology parking machines where you could pay with creditcards (the new invention in Western Europe). I made my first SMS parking i Zagreb 2001, when I returned to Sweden 2008 i could not do it!

Here is maybe another way to leapfrog management of waste bins?

Please

New Bankruptcy Law Takes Effect in Croatia

Croatia Posted on Fri, November 27, 2015 09:45:27

Under a new law, designed to streamline procedures, all companies whose assets have been frozen for more than 120 days will now be declared bankrupt.

Sven Milekic



Orsat Miljenic. | Photo by Flickr

Croatia’s new law on bankruptcy came into force on Tuesday, sending 19,646 companies with 10,139 employees into bankruptcy.

The new law proscribes that all companies that have their assets blocked for over 120 days will automatically be pushed into declaring bankruptcy.

These 19,646 companies owe around 2.5 billion euro while 15,001 of the companies, which have no employees, owe 1.9 billion euro to various borrowers.

Croatia’s financial agency, FINA, will initiate the bankruptcy procedure within eight days after a company’s assets are blocked for more than 120 days. A pre-bankruptcy procedure will be initiated before the courts after assets are blocked for 90 days.

One novelty of the law is that companies that do not pay workers’ wages for 90 days also risk undergoing pre-bankruptcy procedure. The state will also have to pay up to three minimum wages to workers not paid by their employers.

The law also brings in the possibility of pre-bankruptcy procedure being initiated by the borrower in order to evade bankruptcy. Additionally, the law will proscribe the implementation of a bankruptcy plan, which will enable the company to continue working during the bankruptcy procedure.

FINA will first push into bankruptcy companies that have been blocked for over 1,000 days and which have no employees.

Justice Minister Orsat Miljenic on Monday said that Croatia ranks very low when it comes to the efficiency of its bankruptcy procedures.

“Of the 28 members of the EU, Croatia is on 24th place in terms of the duration of bankruptcy proceedings and even lower in collection [of lenders’ claims],” Miljenic said.

According to him, the previous bankruptcy procedure was an overcomplex process during which up to 70 per cent of companies’ assets were spent on the costs of the procedure itself.

“It is pointless, as that way everyone loses – workers, creditors and company, because some [companies] that might be able to continue to work, cannot do so,” he added.

He noted that workers have a right to report their companies after one salary is not paid. Miljenic said the overall purpose of the law is to secure the bankruptcy procedure and remove companies that generate major insolvency from the market

Listen to the music from the sea.

Croatia Posted on Mon, November 16, 2015 08:56:25

Carved into the steps are narrow channels that connect to 35 organ pipes, each tuned to different meticulously arranged musical chords.

As the waves lap against the steps, they push air through the pipes and out whistle-holes in the surface above, making a harmonious and completely random musical arrangement.

But you don’t see what’s happening below the surface. You close your eyes and all you hear is a song like you’ve never heard before, one completely unique to the movement of the sea at that exact moment.

Take a listen: Here’s what it sounded like at one particular moment, on one particular day. On any other day, it might sound completely different.
And this is the place where you can experience it yourself.

Sweden´s Tele2 makes huge investment to cover Croatia with 3G

Croatia Posted on Fri, March 20, 2015 11:36:57

Tele2 of Sweden has announced large investments into its Croatian mobile network. The investments are focused on making 3G available on all sites across the network, as well as adding additional sites to improve the population coverage.
The network upgrade will be done in partnership with Huawei (hey, where is Ericsson?) and the selected Single-RAN Wireless network solution is flexible and future-proof. It enables upgrades of capacity and speeds as well as the possibility of future extension into 4G.
Niklas Sonkin, EVP Central Europe and Eurasia at Tele2 AB, comments: “In December, Tele2 Croatia secured an additional 15 MHz of spectrum in the 1800 MHz band. The announced investment into new 3G technology comes as a natural next step and will bring our customers substantial improvements in terms of coverage and network quality. This at a time when the smartphone penetration and data usage in Croatia is set to grow significantly.” REad more here.

Maybe time for “Frank” to brush up his Croatian now. Hope he manages that better than his Swedish:)

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Get your franchising organized in Croatia

Croatia Posted on Wed, March 04, 2015 20:59:35

The Croatian Chamber of Economy – County Chamber Rijeka is
organizing, for the first time, an international fair of franchising, financial
and consulting services – FEC (Franchising Exhibition Croatia).This two days
Fair will provide the entrepreneurs with an opportunity to receive a complete
package of services, advice and information required to start a business and to
meet the owners, managers and consultants from various sectors. All those
considering buying or selling a franchise or planning to invest in a proven
business model, as well as all those considering entering into business
ventures, are invited to participate in FEC 2015.

FEC will be held on 29-30 May 2015, in the Congress Hall of
Hotel Royal in Opatija. The entry is free for visitors. More information about
registration and programme can be found in this website.

Croatian Ambassador says they have a lot to learn from Swedish elderly care

Croatia Posted on Mon, February 02, 2015 21:33:02

Last week, Croatia´s
newly appointed ambassador to Sweden, H.E. Ms Anica Djamic, visited homes for the elderly in the Swedish
municipality of Enköping some 80 km
NW of Stockholm. The purpose of this visit was to gain inspiration and take
back to Croatia some ideas about how the Swedes care for their elderly citizens.

The visit
was arranged by the Chamber of Commerce
Sweden – Southeast Europe
together with the municipality of Enköping, which
is a frontrunner in the field of elderly care.

Ms Djamic
visited several homes and facilities for the elderly in Enköping and was truly
impressed to see the high standard of the Swedish care system. ”In Croatia you
are not free to choose your care when
you get old”, Ms Djamic said. ”However, we should not copy everything here, but
develop our own system based on ideas from the Swedish system. Money is not the only aspect, it
is just as important to learn how the system can be improved.”
(This is a brief translation of an article in
the local newspaper Enköpings Posten)

Shown from
left to right in the picture below:
Martin Ancons, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce who initiated the visit, Ms
Zonica Kovacec, volunteer, Ms Marie Palmgren, head of Healthcare in Enköping
municipality, and the Ambassador, Ms Djamic (photo by Linda Lundberg, Enköpings Posten).

Dubrovnik´s Chamber of Commerce seeks cooperation with Swedish companies

Croatia Posted on Tue, May 20, 2014 13:57:04

May 7th
the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce for Sweden – Southeast Europe, Mr
Martin Ancons, visited the Dubrovnik Chamber of Commerce to discuss cooperation
and opportunities for future business relations between companies in the
Dubrovnik area and Sweden. The president of the Dubrovnik Chamber of Commerce,
Ms Terezina Orlic, expressed
particular interest in contacts with Swedish seafood importers.
The Dubrovnik Chamber
of Commerce
is the oldest Chamber of Commerce in Croatia, established more than
200 years ago. For a presentation click here.
Read more in The Dubrovnik Times.

Will Croatia win the wine war with EU?

Croatia Posted on Wed, June 05, 2013 16:44:00

In Sweden we had our fight with EU about our snus (snuff). And won. Now a wine war with EU
awaits Croatia. Well, it´s not exactly the same as the Swedish though. In Sweden we faught EU
about whether we would be allowed to “snusa” (use the snuff) or not. It was a
national issue going over all political blocks and it could have kept us out of EU if we lost. And the Union knew that….
The Croatian wine
war is more a fight about using a brand, the name Prosek on their excellent
sweet desert wine. It´s too close for comfort for the Italian producer of the
sparkling wine Prosecco.
And, it’s not just Prosek that’s in trouble of disappearing. EU member Slovenia claims Croatia has no
right to market Teran, a red wine made in the northern tip of the Adriatic, shared
by Italy, Slovenia and Croatia.

Croatia should have done like Sweden. Put it on the negotiation
table during the very first meetings. I would like to see an EU negotiation team that would have dared to lose out
another EU member for a bottle of wine. But maybe it´s not just too late. Come on guys – give the Slovenians and
Italians a fight. And the Union. We´re right behind you. We love your Prosek. On the first of July we´ll salute you with a glass.
Read more about the Croatian wine war here.

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Croatian bees clear the minefields

Croatia Posted on Mon, May 20, 2013 08:35:35

What a great invention the researchers at Zagreb University have come up with. They have trained bees to find mines by teaching them to go for TNT.
Nikola Kezic, an expert on the behavior of honeybees, sat quietly together with a group of young researchers on a recent day in a large net tent filled with the buzzing insects on a grass field lined with acacia trees. The professor at Zagreb University outlined the idea for the experiment: Bees have a perfect sense of smell that can quickly detect the scent of the explosives. They are being trained to identify their food with the scent of TNT.
“Our basic conclusion is that the bees can clearly detect this target, and we are very satisfied,” said Kezic, who leads a part of a larger multimillion-euro program, called “Tiramisu,” sponsored by the EU to detect land mines on the continent. Read more here.

From isolation to EU membership

Croatia Posted on Sat, May 11, 2013 10:07:35

Vesna Pusic, Croatia’s foreign minister, is fond of pointing out that when Croatia joins the European Union on 1 July, 2013 the accession process will have taken 12 years and four months.
The EU that Croatia will join is not the same as the one it was at the beginning of the process. But Croatia, too, is a very different place from the one it was before. To follow Croatia´s road to EU until July 1st, log in to Croatia Direct on BBC´s website here.

Croatia to privatise its airline

Croatia Posted on Fri, May 10, 2013 21:35:19

According to Croatia´s Legislative & Policy Journal, the Minister of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure Sinisa Hajdas Doncic (SDP) announced that the government intends restructure Croatia Airlines (CA) and is seriously considering privatising the state-owned carrier. While restructuring the struggling carrier, the minister stated that they will seek a potential strategic partner. Due to EU regulations, the government can privatise up to 49% to non-EU investors and up to 100% for investors from EU member states. Read more here.

Watch Croatia direct on BBC

Croatia Posted on Sat, April 27, 2013 16:14:55

Croatia will pull together a coverage of pictures and videos focused on Croatia’s entry into the EU in July-across BBC World News and The series is called Croatia Direct and will run between April 22 and May 3.

Eighteen years after the end of armed conflict in Croatia, the country will become the 28th member of the EU. Country Direct will explore the challenges of Croatia’s integration with Europe during the midst of an economic crisis across the Eurozone nations. Go to Croatia Direct on the BBC website here.

Green energy and IT Health Care high on the agenda at Swedish state visit to Croatia

Croatia Posted on Wed, April 24, 2013 21:32:01

During the state visit by HM
the king of Sweden and representatives of the Swedish government and companies, cooperation in the field of energy efficiency was thoroughly discussed. Environmental minister Lena Ek said
in her speech that she wanted to challenge Croatia to utilize their great
potential from biomass, an area where Sweden have made big acheivments. She
also emphasized another important area of priority for both Sweden and Croatia,
namely the IT-based Health care sector.

The minister also mentioned the
excellent example of long term Swedish-Croatian business relations in Ericsson
Nikola Tesla
, celebrating its 60-years anniversary this year. She also
expressed Sweden´s satisfaction with Croatia´s EU entry later this year. You can
read minister Ek´s full speech here.

Croatia is on track to become the EU’s 28th member state on 1 July

Croatia Posted on Sat, April 20, 2013 20:51:20

Croatia is on track to become the EU’s 28th member state on 1 July, MEPs said on Thursday in their last resolution before it is scheduled to join. They highlighted the strength of Croatia’s democracy, social market economy and capacity to fulfil its membership obligations and called on the last two member states, Denmark and Germany, that still have to approve Croatia’s accession to do so without delay. More here.

Business security on the agenda during Swedish state visit to Croatia

Croatia Posted on Wed, April 10, 2013 11:46:37

In conjunction with a Swedish state visit on April 16 to 18, 2013 in order to build relationships
and support future collaboration with the next member state of the European
Union, one of the discussions will be about business security. At least
this is what one of the participants, Andreas Linde, CEO of the Swedish company Business Security AB is
looking forward to.

“Croatia is a very
interesting market for Business Security,” says Andreas Linde. “Since we
recently received the highest EU approval certification for our secure
communication products, we are advancing our positioning as a cyber security
expert and technology provider in the EU. We look with great interest at
Croatia and its cyber security needs and are assessing scenarios where our
network security solutions might fit the local needs,” adds Linde.

The objective of the
visit, with honorary guests being H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden and
Croatian President Ivo Josipović, is to provide an insight to the country
through arranged meetings with members from local government, banks,
organisations and corporations. A seminar will provide an opportunity to
discuss the possibility for Swedish corporations to establish local presence as
well as to help identify new opportunities in Croatia in the coming years, as
the country is getting ready to enter the European Union on July 1, 2013.
More information on Business Security´s webpage here.

At last: Slovenia opens the door to EU for the neighbour

Croatia Posted on Tue, March 12, 2013 09:15:14

According to a newsflach from the EU Neighbourhood Centre Croatia’s Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic and his Slovenian counterpart Janez Jansa on Monday signed a memorandum of agreement ending a 20-year-long financial dispute between the two former Yugoslav republics and eliminating the last obstacle for Slovenia to ratify Croatia’s adhesion treaty to the European Union. The agreement provides for a solution to the issue concerning the remittances of Croatians with savings deposits at the Ljubljanska banka which were frozen in 1991 after the proclamation of independence of Zagreb and Ljubljana. Croatia should become a full EU member in July.

Swedish fighter jet Gripen can be in operation in Croatia within a year

Croatia Posted on Fri, October 12, 2012 12:45:28

Croatia has recieved an official offer to buy 8 Jas 39 Gripen fighter jets from Sweden, reports Radio Sweden. Croatia has been offered C/D models of the Gripen jets, which are older than the new E/F models that Switzerland is set to buy from Sweden.
Croatia needs to replace the MiG-21 jets it has now, and according to Jerry Lindberg, project manager for Croatia at the Swedish Defence and Security Export Agency, the Jas Gripen jets are expected to be in operation in Croatia within a year.Jas Gripen planes are used in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Thailand, and South Africa.
The Croatian newspaper Jutarnji List quoted a spokesman at the Defence Ministry saying “We want the Swedish Gripen for our airforce to survive”

Swedish fashion chain enters Serbia and Croatia

Croatia Posted on Sun, September 09, 2012 19:20:02

The Lindex fashion
chain continues its international expansion and are now opening its first stores during September in both Belgrade and Zagreb. The fashion chain will
then have stores in 16 countries. Lindex’ business concept, to offer inspiring
and affordable fashions to fashion-conscious women, has shown to be successful
in many countries and the interest on the market is big.

The new store incorporates Lindex’
latest store concept where the interior design highlights the brand’s
Scandinavian heritage. Natural materials and the interaction of different
textures and patterns result in a welcoming store in a modern environment. With
this latest opening Lindex now has a presence in three Balkan countries, Bosnia-Herzegovina being the first one.

International Conference on European Energy Market to be held in Zagreb

Croatia Posted on Thu, June 02, 2011 21:50:50

The International Conference on the European Energy Market is a premier forum for the exchange of ideas, open and direct discussion on the development of the energy markets in Europe. It has achieved a considerable success during the past seven editions covering the electricity and gas markets policies and experiences, climate change impacts on the sector and developments at the European level.
The EEM 11 will be held in Zagreb, Croatia 25-27 May 2011. The conference will host several sessions with keynote speakers from the European institutions, industries, market agents and prominent academicians. Read more about the conference here.

Swedish-Croatian Business Seminar in Stockholm May 4

Croatia Posted on Mon, April 18, 2011 15:54:41

On May 4 Businessmen from Croatia and Sweden will meet to discuss business opportunities between the two countries. Representatives from companies interested to participate should contact
Venue: Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, Västra Trädgårdsgatan 9, Stockholm.

9.00 Welcome
Presentation of participants
Croatia – economic overview, trends and opportunities
– H.E Vlademir Matek, Croatian Ambassador,
– Croatian Chamber of Commerce

Sweden – economic overview, trends and opportunities
– (Stockholm Chamber of Commerce/Svensk Handel/Agenturföretagen) Choice
depending on sectors.

10.45 Round table discussion 3 – 4 different groups
1. Cooperation opportunities with Croatian Industry –
Moderator: Mr Ulf Rudeback, Industrial Cooperation Saab AB

2. Tourism – Croatia as a tourist destination
3, 4 Sector specific

12.30 Lunch and networking opportunities

Programme 13.30 – 15.30

Parallel sessions
1. Match-making session for companies – individual business discussions
Format: Sector-specific tables, open space format
Participants: Croatian companies and Swedish companies

2. Exchange of experience – private sector organisations (member services, advocacy and other private sector focused activities)
Format: Round-table discussion
Moderator: Charlotte Kalin, Stockholm Chamber of Commerce
Participants: Croatian actors and Swedish actors

3. Exchange of experience – Business and Networking Opportunities within A National
Agent’s Association
Format: Round-table discussion
Moderator: Mr Jan Björnum, President the Swedish Association of Agents, Vice President IUCAB

Croatians’ skepticism towards the European Union keeps growing

Croatia Posted on Wed, March 09, 2011 00:47:31

Croatians’ skepticism towards the European Union has been growing from month to month, peaking at 41 per cent in March. Compared to March of last year, 1.1 per cent more Croatians are against European Union membership, the latest CRO Demoscop survey shows. Some 48.9 per cent still support Croatia’s entry or 0.5 per cent fewer than a month ago. ( 8 March)

Croatia opens bids for Zagreb airport tender

Croatia Posted on Sun, February 27, 2011 12:09:10

On Friday, Croatia announced that it would accept bids until April 4 for the construction of a second terminal at Zagreb airport and for managing both terminals, reports Reuters. The 220m euro tender is aimed at pulling Croatia’s sluggish economy out of the recession. (BNE 25 Feb)

Croatia fourth most attractive European destination

Croatia Posted on Fri, October 22, 2010 22:50:48

The Guardian of London’s has proclaimed Croatia to be the fourth most attractive European travel destination in its Observer Travel Awards 2010.
This is behind Austria, Switzerland and Sweden.
Furthermore, according to travel agents’ Choice Awards 2010, Croatia is the up and coming rising star in the short haul destination category, reports the Croatian Newsmonitor.

Croatia enters final sprint towards EU membership

Croatia Posted on Thu, July 01, 2010 11:25:58

Croatia took a big step towards joining the European Union on Wednesday as the two sides opened the final chapter in the former communist country’s membership negotiations. Croatian Foreign Minister Gordan Jandrokovic said his country could sign the EU accession treaty in the first quarter of 2011, and Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor said Croatia could then become the bloc’s 28th member by 2012.
“Croatia is running its final 100 metres towards EU membership,” Jandrokovic told reporters in Brussels after talks with Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos and EU enlargement commissioner Stefan Fuele.
The two sides have reached agreement on 20 of the 35 chapters that must be negotiated for EU membership. Thirteen chapters are still under discussion, while two others are mere formalities that will automatically close at the end of the accession negotiations.
In Zagreb Croatian Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor warned that the last phase of EU talks would be “really difficult and demanding” but stressed she believed they would be concluded by the end of the year.
In that scenario Zagreb could be ready to become join the EU by 2012. Read the full AFP newsflash here.

Conference on energy development organised in Zagreb

Croatia Posted on Fri, May 14, 2010 08:57:59

A conference on Energy Sector Development – Energy Arena 2010 – is organized by Infoarena Group under patronage of Croatian Ministry of Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship. The aim of this year’s conference is to encourage investment programs in the energy sector of Croatia and the Croatian region and find ways to achieve “Energy development strategy”, which Croatia adopted at EU level. How can Croatia be transformed and made energy stable and a competitive country and what are the effects of the development of energy sector in the whole region are some questions that will be discussed by prominent national and international experts from government and private energy sectors.
Date and place of conference: 25th May.2010, hotel Westin, Zagreb.
Detailed information here.

New Raiffeisenbank report on Croatia

Croatia Posted on Sat, February 20, 2010 23:39:11

As the election is over in Croatia and Ivo Josipovic has been sworn in as the new president, economic topics or rather the question of how to fight recession returned to the foreground. The 5.7% fall in economic activity in Q3 2009 warned that economic recovery will not be achieved without a more active economic policy. Therefore, the Government of the Republic of Croatia set out to halt the negative trend in domestic production and employment by adopting a series of overdue emergency measures aimed at supporting companies that offer competitive products or services and enabling better realisation and protection of employment. The Governor of the CNB announced a more active role of the monetary policy in the fight against recession, with the CNB being prepared to release additional liquidity by speeding up to process of adjusting bank reserve requirements with ECB target rates and thus help to restore corporate lending at lower capital costs.
Although desirable, these measures will not suffice without a change in fiscal policy, writes Raiffeisenbank in this 20 page analysis of the Croatian economy. Click here to download the report.

Social Democrat Ivo Josipovic elected Croatia president

Croatia Posted on Tue, January 19, 2010 21:31:27

The opposition Social Democrat, Ivo Josipovic, has won Croatia’s presidential election by a wide margin. Mr Josipovic has pledged to lead an “uncompromising fight against corruption” and to help the government complete EU membership talks this year. The 52-year-old law professor and classical music composer succeeds Stipe Mesic, who will step down in February after 10 years as president. Read more in the BBC article here.

Croatian – Slovenian conflict ends today in Stockholm

Croatia Posted on Wed, November 04, 2009 14:13:06

Kroatien och Slovenien har i dag undertecknat ett avtal som avslutar en lång och segdragen gränskonflikt mellan länderna. Den kroatiska premiärministern Jadranka Kosor och hennes slovenske kollega Boris Pahor skrev under avtalet vid en ceremoni i Stockholm, i närvaro av statsminister Fredrik Reinfeldt.
Konflikten har gällt ett kustområdet på gränsen mellan länderna.
Bägge parterna har nu gått med på att frågan om områdets status ska hänskjutas till en skiljedomstol vars utslag bägge länderna lovar att följa.
Slovenien har fram tills nu blockerat Krotatiens medlemsförhandlingar med EU. Nu när tvisten är löst är alltså hindret undanröjt för fortsatta kroatiska medlemsförhandlingar med EU (SR ekot).

First woman to head Croatian government

Croatia Posted on Sat, July 04, 2009 10:58:52

Croatian President Stjepan Mesic on Friday evening authorized Jadranka Kosor to form a new government after Prime Minister Ivo Sanader tendered his resignation on Wednesday. Ms Kosor will be the first female PM in the history of Croatia.
You will find the CV of Ms Kosor here.

Incoming EU presidency says Croatia’s accession talks on ice

Croatia Posted on Tue, June 23, 2009 22:34:02

Deutsche Welle, June 23
Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt says the European Union is putting Croatia’s EU entry talks on ice after the country failed to resolve a border spat with neighboring Slovenia. Setting out the main priorities for Sweden’s upcoming six-month EU presidency, Bildt told a news conference in Brussels on Monday that the Croatia-Slovenia issue was a bilateral matter, and that no fresh attempts would be made to settle the border dispute. Last week an EU mediation bid to resolve a land-and-sea border dispute between Croatia and EU member Slovenia collapsed.
Read more here.

Croatia asks Sweden to solve border dispute

Croatia Posted on Sun, June 14, 2009 01:38:25

Slovenia has blocked Croatia´s EU membership negotiations during the past six monthes and Croatia now turns to Sweden in its role as EU chairman to help solve the conflict. More about the conflict in this article from Dagens Nyheter.