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Not just a pretty place….

Montenegro Posted on Sat, February 28, 2015 12:16:52

…This country is good for your business too. Montenegro is ranked number 36th in World Bank’s Doing Business report, higher than the Slovak Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and even the Czech Republic and Slovenia.

While the recent European Economic Forecast of Winter 2015 talks of an average growth of 0.8 per cent in the Eurozone and 1.3 per cent across the European Union in 2014, the Montenegrin economy will grow by 2 per cent. Read more in this article by Velimir, Mijušković,, President of the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro and Vice President of the Forum Ionian Adriatic Chamber of Commerce, published in

Did you know there is a Business forum on Linkedin for people who do business between Sweden and the countries in Southeast Europe? Apply for your free membership here.

Montenegro telecom companies will expand services and networks 2015

Montenegro Posted on Thu, January 29, 2015 13:19:02

Telecommunications companies operating in Montenegro have announced plans to invest in new services and further expansion of internet networks, according to a newsflash in bne IntelliNews, quoting the head of directorate for electronic communications at the information society ministry Ratka Strugar. Strugar did not elaborate but suggested that a fourth company might enter the market this year.

According to the latest available data, the mobile phone penetration in Montenegro fell to 168.6% at end-November from 176.4% a month earlier. The total number of subscribers edged up 0.18% y/y to 1.045mn. Norway’s Telenor, Montenegro’s leading operator, had a market share of 38.08% at the end of November 2014, followed by T-Mobile (part of Crnogorski Telekom), with a market share of 33.56% and m:tel with a 28.36% share.

“Svedska@ME” – a Swedish Promotion event in Podgorica 1. – 4. of April

Montenegro Posted on Mon, March 24, 2014 21:05:09

“Svedska@ME” – is the first Swedish promotion event in Montenegro. It will include several activities, mainly focused on a Swedish film week which is organized by the Embassy of Sweden in cooperation with the Montenegrin National Theatre in Podgorica. The event will also include a presentation of Swedish companies as well as workshops and seminars with university students in Podgorica.

Svedska@ME will start the 1. of April with the screening of the film “Eat, sleep, die” in which the leading role is played by Nermina Lukac, an Montenegrin actress who lives and works in Sweden. Nermina Lukac, awarded the ‘Shooting Stars’ as one of the ten best young European actors at the 63 Berlin Film Festival, will be present at the premiere screening of the film in Montenegro, together with the producer of the film China Åhlander.

Audiences in Podgorica will be able to view the most recent of Swedish cinema through seven feature films and documentaries of various genres: “Eat, sleep, die”, “Avalon”, ” The last sentence”, ” The Hidden Child”, “The Pirate Bay away from keyboard”, ” Big Boys Gone Banans” and the film “Palme”. As the spokesperson of the art of creating documentaries, Fredrik Gertten, the director of the renowned documentary “Bananas” will be a guest at a seminar at the Centre for Civil Education, speaking about how films should and need to be the mirrors of the society.

On the occasion of the Swedish Film Week in Podgorica H.E. Mr. Christer Asp, has stated: “As the ambassador of Sweden to Montenegro, it is my pleasure to present “Svedska@ME” to you. It is the first Swedish promotion event in Montenegro. “Svedska@ME” is aimed at strengthening the relations within trade, culture and education between our two countries.”
The week of Swedish film “Svedska@ME” is organized by the Embassy of Sweden and the Montenegrin National Theatre in collaboration with the Center for Civic Education and the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Cetinje.

For more information about the event and the films please visit:

Trailers of the films – Embassy Youtube channel

Facebook event:Svedska@ME

Facebook page: Embassy of Sweden

Facebook page: National Theatre of Montenegro

Emerging superstar with wild beauty

Montenegro Posted on Thu, April 18, 2013 08:48:12

Imagine a place with sapphire beaches as spectacular as Croatia’s, rugged peaks as dramatic as Switzerland’s, canyons nearly as deep as Colorado’s, palazzi as elegant as Venice’s and towns as old as Greece’s. Then wrap it up in a Mediterranean climate and squish it into an area two-thirds the size of Wales, and you start to get a picture of Montenegro.
These are the euphorical words of the Lonely Planet travel experts when they put Montenegro second only to Sri Lanka on their list “Best in Travel 2013“.

Do you speak Crnogorski?

Montenegro Posted on Sat, February 20, 2010 21:59:22

A new language – or dialect? – is developing in our region causing disputes and rivalry in the country where many people want to call it mother tongue. Read the story in the BBC article here.

The best kept secret in the world?

Montenegro Posted on Mon, February 08, 2010 07:57:53

Montenegro – The best kept secret in the world might be a bit of an exaggeration. But nevertheless there probably is a bit of truth in what Mr Ivan Saljevic from Chamber of Economy of Montenegro said in the beginning of his speech at the business meeting in Stockholm recently. Montenegro, a new country who broke away from Serbia 2006, is probably the most anonymous country in Europe at least, something that Mr Saljevic and the Ambassador to Scandinavia, H E Vladimir Radulovic, are very determined to change as soon as possible.

The meeting between businessmen from Montenegro and Sweden that was arranged by our Chambers of Commerce for Sweden – Southeast Europe, was the first of its kind since the independence. It attracted a large number of Swedish businessmen and several contacts were made in the mingle during the wine tasting session sponsored by Vinia, the importer of Montenegrin wine.

The Ambassador, who is covering Scandinavia from Berlin, sees the Scandinavian countries as models for the Balkan states and how to create a friendly coexistence, and he meant that Montenegro could learn a lot from Sweden. In one way, however, he could see that Montenegro clearly was ahead of Sweden – the Euro currency. At the independence of Montenegro, the Euro was introduced in a thriller-like overnight move of loads of Euro from Germany, all with the support of EU and US in order to not to let Milosovic´ Serbian dinars destabilize the economy in the country.

Besides production of wine and food, tourism is the largest source of income, weighing up for the deficit in trade. And Montenegro is a country well worth visiting and investing in, with some of the Balkan´s most beautiful sites. So do as Dagens Nyheter writes in a recent article – Hurry up to Montenegro! Before it´s becoming too crowded…

More facts about Montenegro can be found on The Montenegrin Promotion Agency´s web site, where you can look up and download country report, information about how to start a business in Montenegro, and lots of other information.

In the pictures.
Top left (left to right): Ivan Saveljic, Chamber of Economy of Montenegro, Ambassador Radulovic, Arne O. Olsson, chairman Chambers of Commerce Sw-SEE, Ingela Urtel, Exportrådet.
Top right: Ingela Urtel and Göran Uvner, Editor of this news site, tasting the excellent Montenegrin wine.
Bottom left: Zoltán Kozlovsky, Hungarian embassy and Tibor Szilagyi, Chambers of Commerce Sw-SEE.
Bottom right: Mr Saveljic and Ambassador Radulovic revealing “secrets”.

Meet a business delegation from Montenegro in Stockholm on Jan 27

Montenegro Posted on Thu, January 21, 2010 00:01:29

This is an invitation for our members to a meeting on 27th January in Stockholm focusing on business opportunities with Montenegro. It is the first seminar on Montenegro ever organized by our Chamber and we recommend our members to take this opportunity to get familiarized with a new interesting market. At this venue you will meet representatives from branches like food, construction, wood industry, fish farming, energy, shipping and freight as well as representatives from the government in Podgorica.
To participate in the meeting call Ingela Urtel at Exportrådet at 46 8 5886 60 00 or send an email to
A complete programme can be downloaded here.

Montenegro’s .me is fastest selling domain

Montenegro Posted on Tue, January 19, 2010 21:55:42

When Montenegro split from Serbia the country got something extra that they might not have thought so much about before.
The “.me” domain name, the perfect domain for the social media generation.
Since going live in 2008, more than 320,000 names have been registered, making it the fastest selling debut top level domain ever. It’s short, personal and popular – with names like and It’s being used more than ever as a call-to-action domain, for example
Some of these domain names are now trading for for up to 10 000 dollars on auctions.
I wonder if “” is free to take…?

Hurry up to Montenegro!

Montenegro Posted on Sun, June 14, 2009 01:50:46

This was the advise in Dagens Nyheter on May 6th. DN describes Montenegro as the undiscovered paradise and urge their readers to visit the country before it will lose its genuine charm as happens to most countries when they have been invaded by tourists some years.
Here is the full article from Dagens Nyheter.